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 Current work  


XD - Experience Design  /  2015 - current
AVP / Move Money Visual Designer Lead / Product Designer

Beginning in 2015 I began working within the CX (Customer Experience) team of Wells Fargo, now currently called XD - Experience Design.  This has been an amazing opportunity to focus primarily on product design and the customer journey. Enhancing the experience through great product / visual design, creative strategy, and logic.  This is a tremendous group of talented people that I have been very happy to work with each and every day. 

Projects (products) range from Service Design, Authenticated Session, Security, and most prominently Payments / Move Money, where I am an SME.  Main products are Bill Pay, Transfer Money, Wire Money, and Zelle.

Throughout my tenure I have been an integral part in creating and contributing to our design system, creating a large volume of custom components along with redlines. A tedious but necessary part of our work, and one that I enjoy!

Here are a few highlights of the products I have worked on over the years:

   Bill Pay       
Bill Pay hub layout
Bill Pay right rail
Bill Pay tour
Bill Pay manage payee
Bill Pay Verification

Wells Fargo: Bill Pay​ - Desktop

Role:  Product / Visual Design

After migrating our Bill Pay product to our servicing / component based platform, the product when though a few variations.  Here is the latest version where we adapted the design to function in a table style format, one that would resonate more with our client base.

Here customers are able to handle several transactions at one time.  They are also able to see snapshots of their accounts and recent activity, and manage their payees.



Zelle hub
Zelle enter amount
Zelle Review
Zelle activity

Wells Fargo: Zelle - phone

Role:  Product / Visual Design


I've been fortunate to work with Zelle from the beginning with Wells Fargo.  Zelle is a way to send money to people you know and trust.  Zelle is managed through a third party, and a joint effort with several other financial institutions.

Overall flow comes from the third-party, and then we adapt to our design system and align with our payment standards / flows.

   Wire Money       
Wire money - Add Recipient
Wire money - Add Recipient
Wire money - Add Recipient
Wire money - Add Recipient
Wells Fargo: Wire Money

Role:  Product / Visual Design


Wells Fargo was among the first of financial institutions to deliver the ability to wire money via a mobile device.  Since the initial launch on phone, we continued our work to bring alignment with the desktop / tablet experience. 

With this redesign we were able to address customer drop-off, increase completion rate, and elevate the experience into more of a linear flow. 


This responsive effort was built in REACT where all components had to be re-spec'd and created net-new with our development team.  Essentially building out a new library of components that all other products could then use.

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